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Every funeral is unique... 

Whether you are organising a traditional funeral or a non-religious funeral, we can help you celebrate the life of your loved one in the way they would have wanted. With us, you can personalise the funeral and add unique elements, meaning that your loved one’s personality is truly reflected in the day.  

Our understanding and caring team at Jason Threadgold Funeral Director will guide you through the entire process, listening carefully to your wishes and helping explain all the options available to you if you are not sure about anything. We will ensure the funeral commemorates your loved one’s life in the best way possible, whether you are organising a cremation, simple funeral, a religious service or an alternative funeral. 

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Our team will handle all the details, making everything as easy as possible during this challenging time, meaning you can have peace of mind that your loved one will have a sendoff that is as personal and unique as them. 

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Types of Funerals

Traditional Funerals - from singing traditional hymns to arranging horse drawn transport and having religious elements to the service, we can work with you to integrate all the traditional touches you require.  

Non-Religious Funerals - Our team will work with you to include all the aspects you want to celebrate the life of your loved one and represent their personality without the religious or spirituality elements. 

Green Burials - Our natural, green burials provide an eco-friendly option that creates the least impact on the environment.  Becoming increasingly popular, this option reduces carbon emissions and contributes to the preservation of natural habitats. 

Direct Cremation - Some people do not want a fuss when they pass on and direct cremation is sometimes the preferred choice where there is no formal funeral service and no guests. 

Funerals today are extremely varied and completely bespoke to ensure the individual requests of each of our clients are met. These are just some of the types of funerals we provide and are happy to discuss your individual preferences and requests. 

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