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What we give back to the community...

Making a meaningful difference to our local community is one of the most important parts of our role. Not only does our community work promote a great sense of camaraderie and teamwork, but the work we do also provides us with a real sense of pride and commitment. Being able to help our local community is extremely special, and we want to continue to give back and support local businesses and individuals as much as we can.

Nichola and Jason are both very proud to have become Patrons for Lindsey Lodge Hospice for over 4 years, which is an organisation that means a lot to them. We also support clubs and rising sports stars through sponsorship, and we try and support other local businesses and charities wherever possible. 

Community Involvement
Barton Ladies Hockey Team
The Trussell Trust Food Bank
Volunteer Catering
James Richardson - A talented young Boxer
Lindsey Lodge Hospice
Barton Food Bank
Barton Town Football club
Humberside Police
Scunthorpe United F.C
Charlie Walters - A talented young Boxer
Grimsby Borough Football Club
Jason Threadgold Funeral Director emblem

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