Here at Jason Threadgold Funeral Director we have between us over 40 years experience dealing will all types, styles and sizes of memorials. From a cremated remains grave to a whole

war memorial. No memorial is too big or too small.


We offer a bespoke personal service where you are either welcome to join with us at one of our plush offices, or we will visit you in the comfort of your own home, to discuss what type of memorial

best suits your needs and the wishes of the family.


From day one you will be given the reassurance that no up front money will be required to set the wheels in motion. Not until the point the memorial is insitu and you are happy with what you have

ordered will any form of payment be required.


For a personal design service appointment please contact either Nichola, Suzanne or Julie on 01724 865865 or 01652 661100 or

you can email us on


Our community is the most important thing to us, hence why we stand by our moto.


We are proud to be serving our community.

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