Here at Jason Threadgold Funeral Director both owners Jason and Nichola Threadgold were born and 

bred in Northern Lincolnshire and bring to the Funeral Industry in the local area a unique service of 

being the only Husband and Wife team with no others partners involved.


Our prices start as shown below.

We are open and transparent with all of our prices. You will not find any hidden charges and an

estimate of costings will be provided prior to the Funeral Service commencing.


Direct Cremation Service £1,697.00

Unattended Funeral at a time of the Crematorium's Choosing


Attended Direct Cremation Service £2,137.00

Brief attended Service at the Crematorium either 9.20am or 9.40am (No Minister)


Simple Cremation Service £1,750.00

Attended Funeral at a time of our Choosing

Disbursements fees are in addition to the price above.

(Additional Cost may occur for Burial)


Traditional Funeral Service £3,392.00

Included within the Traditional Service

Beautiful New Black Mercedes Hearse

All of our professional fees

Superior Veneered Coffin


Crematorium Fee

Doctors Fee


Children's services up to 17 years - free of charge


Each Funeral Service is individually tailored to the person who has 

passed away with the assistance of their family and friends.


We are proud to be serving our Communities.

So put your trust in the Emblem


Please note:

If we are requested to collect the human remains on behalf of Pure Cremation this will incur a cost of £395.00 and the storage

of the deceased will be charged to them at £100.00 per day. This will be charged to Pure Cremation prior to collection.

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